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Jobs at Shehzada Industries Pakistan

SHAHZADA INDUSTRIES Manufacturer Supplier and Installer in Pakistan of Abso-Barrier Geomembrane Liner and Poly-Tex Geotextiles for Civil Engineering and Environmental applications.

SHAHZADA INDUSTRIES is a leading firm in the field of Geo-Synthetics Engineering with more than 21 years combine experience in manufacturing supplying and installation of Geomembrane Liner.

Shehzada Industries has Published job Vacancy for:

  • Factory Manager
  • Production Manager

Please forward your Application to:

Email: Address: P.O Box # 3530.

Shehzada Industries has Declared jobs for
No. Post Eligibility Exposure City/State
 1  Factory Manager  As Given Advertisement  Five years work experience  Pakistan
 2  Production Manager  As Given Advertisement  Five years work experience  Pakistan
 Address:  P.O Box # 3530
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